Creamy and mild Dantan noodles

It is a taste that you will want to taste again with carefully selected soup

A specialty store that hides quietly in the back alleys of Kyoto where you can encounter tantanmen with a rich sesame aroma. Thick noodles and thin noodles are available, you can choose according to your preference. At night, there is a wide variety of izakaya menus available, so there are many customers who order a full drink. It is a creamy, mild soup that is not too spicy, so women and children will enjoy it. In addition, the special fried chicken, which is particular about seasoning, is the deliciousness that chopsticks can't stop. It is very popular as a souvenir for families with takeout. This is a gem that you should definitely try for sake. It is perfect not only for lunch, but also for a casual drink and a return home.


The signature menu is the rich Tantan noodles you can taste in Kyoto

A rich menu that makes you want to go again with a high repeat rate


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Frequently asked questions about the atmosphere of the shop and the commitment to noodles

Is it possible to bring a pet?
Our store is a semi-outdoor store like a stall, so it is possible to connect to a place a little away. However, please do not inconvenience large dogs and other customers.
Can you smoke?
The store is completely non-smoking, but there is a smoking space, so don't worry.
Is there a parking lot?
A parking space for 7 cars is secured within a 2-minute walk from the store. Please contact us for more information to staff.
Can a child eat it?
It is eaten by women and children without any problems, but if you tell us when ordering, you can drain the chili oil that you will turn the last time, so I think that you can enjoy even those who are not good at spicy things.
Can I pay with something other than cash?
Please be assured that we support various cashless payments. Available for payment: credit, transportation, electronic money

Convenient access information from Keihan & Eiden Demachiyanagi Station


Store name

This kind of house Ro-ji

Street address

20 Tanaka Shimoyanagicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

phone number
business hours

11:00 to 14:00 19:00 to 24:00

Nearest station

Close to Keihan/Eiden Demachiyanagi Station

Parking Lot

7 units (2 minutes walk)

Smoking space

No smoking inside the store (smoking area available)


As a hidden ramen shop that is familiar to customers in Kyoto, there are a variety of izakayas, such as the signature tantanmen, fried chicken prepared using carefully selected ingredients, Yuzu Komachi, fried and hijiki simmered. We offer a menu. One of our strengths is that we have a store in a good location, a minute's walk from the nearest station, so you can drop by when you are hungry.

About us

We will deliver the delicious taste of Dantan noodles and the back alley of Kyoto

Kyoto's unique Dantanmen noodles are the topic of discussion

It is also popular in the word of mouth due to its deep spiciness. Because it is mild and creamy, we carefully prepare a cup full of attention so that people of all ages can enjoy it deliciously. There is no doubt that once you eat, you will want to eat again and again! By all means, please enjoy not only lunch for your family but also a menu where you can enjoy a wide variety of single dishes with a snack after work.
The fried chicken in the one-push menu is a gem that can be confidently recommended with particular attention to ingredients. It goes well with beer, so it tastes good on tired bodies. The takeout has been very well received, and when you drink at home, you can upgrade and enjoy satisfaction. As a reward for yourself, this is a menu that you should definitely enjoy for a delicious sake. The more regular customers are looking for fried chicken, the better their appetite will be. Drinking alcohol at a delicious snack shop while talking with happy friends is exceptional. Our cheerful and bright staff are waiting for your visit.

A cup with the desire to spread the delicious taste of Dantan noodles from Kyoto

The carefully selected soup is a product of trial and error. The noodles that go well with such soup can be customized according to your preference, such as half size and regular size. Why don't you try the familiar way of eating while enjoying both noodles and rice while searching for your favorite way to eat? We also offer affordable sets, so the set with the fried chicken is also very popular. You can eat it with just the right amount of spiciness, so it will be fun to worry about ordering replacements.
It is a casual style store where you can quickly stop by and enjoy the atmosphere behind the alley. There are many customers who come for the izakaya menu, so it's fun to choose a dish that suits today's sake. Reasonable prices are also popular because you can feel free to drop by. Whether you are a friend, a colleague of your company, or a date, you can enjoy delicious food to your heart's content in a bright atmosphere. While enjoying a rich selection of classic izakaya menus such as stewed meat and yajijiji, you will be able to change your liquor. You can spend a delicious time warming your heart in an unpretentious atmosphere.